Embedded Linux

With more than 7 years of experience in embedded Linux development we can offer a comprehensive service for our partners. We have experience in embedded Linux kernel porting to ARM architecture, device driver development and applicaiton software with graphical interface. For embedded Linux system generation we use mostly Buildroot, but we have experience in Yocto too. In the past years we worked with the followings: CMOS camera sensors, capacitive and resistive touch screens, display via LVDS and parallel interface,thermo printer, LED driver, Ethernet, USB, PS2, PCIe, HDMI, RS232, I2C, SPI, FPD-Link III, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, ALSA, DDR, LP-DDR, mSata, uSD, eMMC

  • Embedded linux kenel porting
  • Device driver development
  • Bootloader porting
  • Application software development